If you would like to update your company details such as

  • Contact person

  • Company information

  • Team name of the company

You can then go to the Settings in your Easynote Account

Also if you would like to set your account, as owner for the company you are working for then change to the Company Settings.

  1. Click on your name in the top right corner

  2. Click on the Settings

  3. Then in Settings to the left click on Personal information

  4. In Personal Information click I work for a company.

Once you have done this change, your account is owned by your company.

So what can you change here.

Set a contact details of the account owner in General Information

In general information you can set the your name, title, email and phone.
You are the owner of this account

Genereal information about owner of the company account

Company information

Company information on Easynote

Fill in your company information.

These details will be used on your invoice when you upgrade your account on Easynote.

Set Tax ID / VAT for your company

If your company is based in Europe you can enter your VAT number and your details about your company will be automaticly fetched from European database.

There are different VAT numbers for different countries. For Europe, please find the list here.


Other information about the company

You can change your teams name in the other section. This is a good practice to set the name of the company here. This will be visible for everyone who is on your team.