How do I use the Calendar?

Calendar App

Want to see all your task deadlines in one place, then use the Calendar.

With the Calendar you can all your tasks, including their names, deadlines and urgency.

  • See when every task is due to completed
  • See every task’s urgency
  • Easily interact with every task

Use the Calendar to better schedule your project’s tasks and their deadlines. It gives you a timed overview of your project so you can keep up to date with what is ahead

How do I activate the Calendar app?

First thing you have to do remember to add the calendar app in the app store

Select the “apps Icon”

apps calendar

Make sure the app has been activated or “added” in the menu



How do I use the Calendar app?

Select Calendar from main menu


Any deadlines will appear in your caledar by day

calendar app

Top tip: Learn more about to how view members, and how to give them access to your projects.

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