How do I use Comments?

Comments App

Whether you need to make a reminder or show your progress to colleagues, you can do so with Comments. Comments are easily added to tasks, and keeps you and your colleagues informed of your project’s progress.

  • Add text, including progress reports and instructions
  • Add photos, pictures and other images
  • View and interact with on Activity

Adding Comments helps you to better collaborate with your colleagues, and to keep track of all your challenges, successes and ideas.

How do I activate the Comments app?

First thing you have to do is add the Comments app in the app store. All apps are contained in the app store where you can activate or deactivate them at will which allows you to personalise you work space and tailor the project to your needs.

First select the “apps Icon”

apps calendar

Make sure the app has been activated or “added” in the menu


Apps are automatically set to default and do not need to be activated. This is only relevant to the core applications that make Easynote such a great PM tool to work with. All apps appear as links in the main menu once activated. Apps can be activated an deactivated on a project by project basis. If an app is missing it may be that you have changed projects an that the app has been deactivated. Simply click on the “add” button below the app until it appears as “added” in green or “Remove” in red. There is no limit to the amount of apps you can have activated on any project.

How do I use the Comments app?

When you do a task, especially with a team, it’s important to know what people think. The last thing you want is to do a task only to find out you could have done it better. That’s why with Easynote you can add comments to tasks. Whether it’s a colleague with some advise, or just you with a reminder, adding comments lets you work in a better, more collaborative way.

If you work on a task you can add a comment. It may be an update, advise or acknowledgement of a job well done. Whatever it is, it lets you and your work colleagues know what’s going on. Learn here how to add a comment to a task, and keep that communication going.


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