How do I set Urgency?

Urgency App

Want to sort your tasks based on how urgent or critical they are? Urgency app is a great way to do so. With Urgency, you get a clear overview of what tasks are most critical and can sort your tasks based upon on how urgent they are.

How do I activate the Urgency app?

First thing you have to do is add the Urgency app in the app store. All apps are contained in the app store where you can activate or deactivate them, which allows you to personalise your work space and tailor the project to your needs.

First select the “apps Icon”

apps calendar

Make sure the app has been activated or “added” in the menu


Apps are automatically set to default and do not need to be activated. This is only relevant to the core applications that make Easynote such a great PM tool to work with. All apps appear as links in the main menu once activated.

Apps can be activated or deactivated on a project-by-project basis. Simply select on the “add” button below the app (or, if you don’t need a particular app, select “Remove”). There is no limit to the number of apps you can use on any project.

How do I use the Urgency app?

With Easynote’s intuitive user interface, organising tasks couldn’t be easier. By performing the following actions you’ll be steps closer to making sure your view is the way you want it to be.

1.Once you have Created a new tasks in the

Create New Task on Easynote

2. You can assign a task immediately through assigning the right person in the “Responsible” drop down

3. You can also change and assign users in the project overview section as seen below


And now you’re done. Thank you for taking the time to read and learn more about Easynote’s functions and features.


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