So when you are managing checklists and subtasks, let us show you some hidden secrets inside.

How to rename a checklist

To rename a checklist simply click on the name of the checklist and set a desired name.

How to delete a checklist

If you would like to delete a checklist then

How to delete a checklist
  1. Hover over the checklist name

  2. 3 dots will be shown to the right

  3. Click on the 3 dots

  4. And selete Delete button.

How to reorder subtasks

If you would like to reorganize your subtasks inside a checklist, you can simply drag and drop the subtasks in desired order.

How to reorder subtasks

How to reorder checklists

If you have multiple checklists, you can reorder these by draging and dropping them in the order you would like to.

How to reorder checklist