So each widgets, have the option to filter the data in different ways.
This help you to sort and filter your data in Easyview how you would like to.

Let's look at some of the filtering options in different widgets.

People widget filtering

The people widget can be sorted in 3 different ways

  • All people - Show all people responsible

  • Where I'm responsible - Tasks where you are only responsible

  • Another people - Click on each project member to see the tasks they are reponsible for.

Filter people sorting

Remember that you can reset your filter by clicking on Reset to default

Status widget filtering

You can sort you statuses in 2 different ways

  • By different statuses

  • Or by A-Z / Z-A

When you select filter status, click on each status, and you will display all tasks with the only that status that you have selected.

Filter tasks according to statuses

Sort your statuses from A-Z or Z-A

Filter statuses A-Z

Progress / Completed widget filtering

Filter your progress eighter with lowest completed progress or highest compeled progress.

Sort progress with lowest progress or highest progress

Urgency widget filtering

You can sort your urgencies from lowest to highest or highest to lowest

Deadline widget filtering

In the deadline widget filtering you can filter tasks that are most critical or least critical

Most critical tasks or less critical tasks

Rating widget filtering

Sort the filtering of the rating widget from low-high or high-low

Rating filtering widget

Numbers widget filtering

When using the number widget, you can then filter you data from Low to High or High to Low

How to filter number widget

Estimate widget

If you have entered any time in your estimate widget, then you can sort the the tasks with lowest number entered to highest number entered

Estimate widget filtering