When using Kanban view in Easynote, the list comes with several options which will help you save you when you need to perform certain actions.
So let's look at the options first.

  1. Go to Kanban

    Switch to Kanban view

  2. Once you are in Kanban, click on the 3 dots, in a list inside Kanban

    Kanban list options

Great so now you have got several options.

Lets see what they are doing.

  • Add task

    Adding a new task inside the list

  • Copy list
    Copies entire list to another list in the same kanban board

  • Move list
    Moves the list, to another project

  • Sort by
    Sort the tasks in different ways inside the list

  • Move all tasks in this list
    It moves all tasks from this status, to another status

  • Delete all tasks in this lists
    Deletes all tasks in the list

  • Delete this lists
    It deletes the entire list (status) and all tasks in this list