How do I attach a file to a task

Attaching files to tasks

Why would you attach a file to a task? Maybe you have created a task for a colleague to complete and then you get a sinking feeling that maybe without a little more info it could sit there unfinished until the deadline creeps up. This is where attaching a few side notes would really kickstart the process and get them going.

So how do I attach a file to a task?

Attaching files could not be easier. We know that this feature is important to our users so we made it very accessible

files storage easynote

Simply click on the file storage button on the menu in the top right corner

Files storage easynote

A popup will appear allowing you to drag and drop the file and upload it to Easynote

files storage easynote

The file will then be able to be seen below the task description. You can add as many files to tasks as you want.

Hope you found this post helpful. Easynote really wants to help you find what you are looking for and help you achieve it. Life always throws new challenges at you and prioritising them always helps you stay on track. Thank you for taking the time to read and learn more about our tool.

Find out more about Files and Storage here


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