Getting started with Easynote

Let us show you how you can get started with Easynote in just matter of minutes!

No matter if you are the first users in your organisation who have just signed up with Easynote or you have joined a team who is already using Easynote this guide will help you get started with Easynote is a fast way and it will show you how to get most value out of Easynote. We will show you the key features. However, it’s not going to show you everything Easynote can do but we will we will show you the fundamentals you help you start using Easynote in best possible way. So let’s get started.

Note! This quide is written with a extended account on Easynote and some apps and features might not be available in the free account.

Getting started with Easynote

We have been working very hard to keep Easynote simple, however it can be extended with our apps, but we will come to that soon. So let us show you the first overview of Easynote.

  • Menu
    For every project you will be able to see different menu depending what apps you have installed in that project. So every menu is different depending on the project you are viewing.
  • Projects
    All the way to the left in the menu you are able to see what is the current project you are working on. To select another project simply click on the menu here and select another project. In this menu you are able to create a new project as well.
  • Search & Dashboard (Overview)
    Search for tasks: If you would like to search for a task simply click on the search icon   and you can then search for any task in all your projects.
    Dashboard: In the dashboard  you are able to get an overview of all projects.
    You are able to see: All tasks in all projects, Allocated tasks only to you, Upcoming deadlines, Activity in all tasks, and Latest news on Easynote
  • Apps & Manage project
    Manage your apps in your projects. You can read more how to manage apps below.
    If you would like to manage your project simply click on the Manage Project in the overview and you will get a menu like this:

    Manage project option is only visible for a project owner and a project can be only managed by the project owner.
    In the manage options you are able:

    • Sort tasks by: Urgency, Status, Responsibility and Deadline
    • You are able to show all tasks in a project or tasks assigned only to you
    • You can import tasks to your project through a .cvs file
    • You can export tasks in PDF or Excel format
  • Category
    This is a category and it can contain tasks within it. Read more below what a category is and how they work.
  • Tasks
    In this section you are able to see all the tasks that are allocated in this project and that needs to be completed

It’s all about the apps

The most powerful feature of Easynote is it’s unique app system. What we are offering our customers to adapt every project to their needs. Once you start a project you can select what apps you need for that specific project. Also during the project you can adapt Easynote to your needs.

Simply click on Apps in the overview and add any app to your project. In this way you can adapt Easynote to every project and this allows you to scale Easynote from simple task manager to more advanced project management tool.

Getting started with apps on Easynote

What are categories?

In Easynote you can separate your tasks in different categories. So what does that actually mean?
Well, imagine you are building a house. It might have ground floor, first floor. So one category could be ground floor and second could be first floor. Then in these categories you can put different tasks depending in what area you need to do you tasks. This way you can split your project into different categories.

To manage a category simply click on the
Manage button in overview, Go to categories and there you are able to manage your categories.
You can also colorcode your categories so you can easier keep track of them.

You are able to sort the categories by draging the icon to the left of the category name.
By sorting tasks in your categories this will help you getting started with your project in more organized way.
[ Read our article about categories here ] 

How do I invite people to my projects?

It’s great to work together with your friends or colleagues sometimes on a project and Easynote will help you to get started by explaning how you can invite project members to your project.

Click on the My account in the menu and then People.

When you are in the people you will have two options. Eighter give access to existing people to your project or invite new project members. We will show you the example of inviting new project members.

Click on the  icon and then the following page will be shown.

Enter the email of the user you would like to invite to your project, select the projects you would like to give them access to and they will get an invitation to your project. Simple as that.

How do I get an overview for all my projects in Easynote?

We fully understand that it’s important to get an overview what is ongoing in all your projects on Easynote.
Therefor we have created a dashboard which will show you exacly that. In our dashboard you are able to
see: All tasks in all projects, Allocated tasks only to you, Upcoming deadlines, Activity in all tasks, and Latest news on Easynote. You are also able to organize your dashboard by drag & droping boxes.

How do i work with tasks on Easynote?

It’s very simple create and manage tasks in Easynote. To create a task in Easynote simple go to the overview page and click Create new task and then fill in the information required.

When you click on a task in the overview you will be able to view all information about a task.
Once you are in the view task page which could look like this depending on what apps you have installed in your project.

In the view task page you will be able to do following:

  • Add comments to a task
    Keep track of what is happening in the tasks by adding comments to the task
  • Upload files to your task directly from your computer, Google drive or Dropbox
    Add attachments to your tasks and share those with other members.
  • Create checklists and subtasks within those checklists
    In order to create a subtasks you need to create a checklist. You are then able to keep track of those subtasks in the checklists by changing the status, urgency or responsibility.
  • Receive notifications
    If you need to receive notifications about any changes happening in the task, simply subscribe to a task by clicking on the bell icon and you will be receiving notifications of any changes happening in the task [Requires notifications app installed in the project ]
  • Change Status, Urgency, Responsibility, Percentage completed of the task directly from the overview.
  • Task activity
    Keep track of any changes that are happening in this task done by any project member
  • Set deadlines
    Create a deadline of a task and be notified by email notification [Notification app required] and get pop-up alarms,
  • Share task
    If you need to share a task information with people who are not members of Easynote you will be able to get a link and share that link with users outside Easynote and they will be able to see the task information [Share task app required]

That’s it! Easynote can do so much more that this but this will give you a great start on how to get start with Easynote!

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