How to Add a Comment to a Task

Adding Comments

Communication is key. If you don’t say something how’s anyone meant to know what you think. That’s why you can add comments to tasks in Easynote. Maybe you’ve found an issue.  You may need to remind a team member of something, or you may just want to tell them to ‘keep up the good work’. Whatever it is, by adding comments you, and everyone else working on the task, will always be in the loop.

How do I Add a Comment to a Task?

Don’t worry, like everything else in Easynote, adding comments is a breeze. Once you’ve created a task, just follow these steps.

Add comments

  1. Select the task you wish to add a comment toAdd comments 2
  2. Select the ‘Add new comment’ button, located on the right-hand side. It’s to the left of the ‘add attachments’, ‘add checklists’ and Manage buttonsAdd comments 3
  3. A new window appears. Enter your comment and select Add commentAdd comments 4
  4. As you now see, a comment has been added, which you can also either edit or delete

With Easynote, you’ll always be aware of what’s being planned, what’s going on and, just as importantly, what you and your respected think of what needs to be done.


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