How to create meeting minutes

Creating Meeting Minutes

Elephants may never forget but humans do. That’s why Easynote created Meeting Minutes, an easy-to-use tool that ensures you’ll always know who said and did what. Its intuitive design means you can create minutes and record meetings with consummate ease..

How Do I Create Minutes?

So, you’ve a big meeting coming up. You need to keep a record of who was there, said what, and what important decisions were made. No sweat, here’s you do it;

meeting minutes

1. Select Meeting Minutes, located near the middle of the task bar at the top of page

meeting minutes

2. A new ‘Meeting minutes’ page opens. From there, select Create new meeting minutes

meeting minutes

3. And now you’re ready! A new window opens, featuring four different fields, in which you can describe the meeting, list participants, and detail the actions and decisions taking during the meeting

meeting minutes

4. Once you’ve finished, and recorded everything all the important stuff, just select Create at the bottom of the page

meeting minutes

5. And there you have it. Back on the ‘Meeting minutes’, you’ll see minutes from the previous meeting. For more details, simply select it as shown above.

And now you’re done. hope you found this post helpful, please let us know if you did. Easynote really wants to help you find what you are looking for and help you achieve it. Your tasks are important to us. Life always throws new challenges at you and prioritising them always helps you stay on track which is why we do what we do!. Thank you for taking the time to read and learn more about our tool. We are always looking to improve

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