Can I see if a member has accepted my invitation to Easynote

Inviting Members to Easynote

You’ve got a big project to do, and need as many good people as possible. Now that you’ve learn how to, and sent invitation to numerous members, you want to see if they’ve accepted your invitation to Easynote.

Can I see if members have accepted my invitations?

Yes, you can. First, you have to invite a member. Once you’ve done so look for the following:

resend activation email

  1. When you’ve invited a member, you’ll see as above. In this case you can see there’s no name nor is the user ‘Active’activation email
  2. When the member’s accepted your invite, the ‘Manage people’ page will show the member’s name, as well as that the members ‘Active’, as illustrated by the green ‘YES’ shown above.

Top tip: Learn more about how to resend activation emails.

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