Edit your project

Editing your project

Change is recurring and is something that happens in a daily basis. It is of importance to be able to change the current state of a project. Therefore an edit of a project is necessary. With Easynote, it’s just as simple as one, two, and three!

How do i edit a project?

In order to edit a project you must be a project owner of that project. No one else can edit a project except the project owner.

There are two ways to edit a project.

  1. Option one Click on the Manage button in the Overview of your project
    How to select a project on Easynote
  2. Option two
    Go to My Account and click on Projects. 
    When you have clicked on the project you will see all your project and you can select a desired project
  3. Once you have done that you will get a view to edit your project which look like this:

That’s it! You know now how to select projects on Easynote.
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