How to create a new project

How do I create a new project?

Once you have logged into Easynote, you are ready to go!

1. To create a project, hover over the menu in the left top corner, where you can select your team and click on the new project

Create new project on Easynote

2. In the Project information you can enter following information

  1. Project name
    Set a title of your project – Try to keep it short
  2. Description
    Describe your project, what is the project about.
  3. Sharing
    1. Private
      Only you will be able to view this project in the team and no one will have
      access to your project except you
    2. Shared with my entire team 
      All members of the team you are in will also get access to your project
    3. Specific users of the team
      Only members you specify will have access to your projects
  4. Set deadline
    If you would like to you can set a deadline for this project

Once you have filled in all information then select Continue 

3. In the Apps tab select the apps you require for your project (you can add more later), and then select Finish

Select apps in your project on Easynote

4. And to confirm that you are ready to create this project simply click on Create My Project and you are ready!

4. Now you have created a new project. All you need to do now is create some new tasks

Do you wonder how to find and set other projects? Click here.

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