How do I give access to my project?

Giving Access

You only want the right people working on the right projects. That’s why with Easynote you can choose who you give access to your project. Mike might be the right person for Project Alpha, but not quite right for Project Omega. While with Mary it’s the opposite. Make sure Mike and Mary can only work on the projects right for them.

How do I give access to my project?

It’s simple enough. Once you know how to invite people (or members) to your projects, you can give access to them. Just do the following:Give access

  1. Go to your profile dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner, and select PeopleInvite members
  2. Now you can manage the people working on your project. To give access, select Manage membershipgive access 3
  3. Now you can either give access or remove it to specific projects by selecting the appropriate Action button. The Access column in the middle of the page tells you whether a person has access to a project or not.

And so there you have it. Now, you’ll always be able to assign the right person to the right job, and get your work done faster and better.

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