How do I remove members from my project?

Removing Members

Maybe you need to move Joe to another project, or maybe he’s just not working out. Whatever the reason, it’s important that you can add or remove members from projects in Easynote when needed. That’s why we’ve made it so easy to do so, so you’ll never have someone working (or viewing) a project when you don’t need them.

How do I remove members from my project?

It couldn’t be easier. When you’ve created a project, and want to remove members just follow these steps:Remove members

  1. On your project overview, go to the Manage dropdown menu and select Manage ProjectRemove members
  2. On the next page select Manage this todo listRemove members
  3. Choose¬†the member from the ‘Todo members’ and select Remove

So there you go. Now you’ll always be able to ensure that only the people you want can work and view the projects when you need them.

Top tip: Learn how to invite members and give them access.

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