Add members in a project

Adding members in a project

To add members into a project is a fundamental thing to do. Since projects are constantly changing, it is necessary to have an option to be able to this. No problem. We have already figured it out, and it’s easy!

How do I add members in a project?

A login is required to be able to perform this action

1. From the My Account menu select Teams and People

Once you have selected teams and people you will see a page like this.

2. Click on the name of the user you would like to give/remove access to the projects

PS. You must be a administrator or owner of a team in order to manage user access to the projects

3. Once you have clicked on the name of the user you will get a view like this.

adding a project member in Easynote

Simple then mark the project you would like the user to have access to and click on the Save button.
You have successfully manage the project access to a user now.

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