Change your project

Changing your project

We all have had several projects to focus on. And for that it is utterly important to have a quick and easy access to these projects and to be able to change between them. With Easynote, you will be able to do this!

How do I change a project?

In order to be able to change a project, a login into Easynote is required.

1. Click on the dropdown menu at the top left corner of the menu.

How to change the project on Easynote

The simply hover over a team, and you will see all projects in that team.

2. Click on the the project that you want to work on.

3. Done!

Fast and easy solutions will always be something that will have a focus when implementing new functions into the website. Our users will always be a top priority when it comes to quick and comfortable solutions regarding the usage of the tools that we provide. It is therefore necessary for us to hear your opinion regarding these functions, and the things that can be improved.

Wondering how to edit a project? No worries. Click here to read more!



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