How to invite members to my project

Inviting Members

Sometimes you can’t do everything by yourself. With major projects and tasks, it’s crucial that you’ve as many people as you need, regardless if it’s 2 or 200. That’s why with Easynote, you can easily invite members to work on your projects and tasks.

How do I invite members to my project?

It’s simple really. When you’ve created a project, and want to invite members just follow these steps:invite people

  1. On your project overview, go to the Manage dropdown menu and select Manage ProjectInvite members
  2. On the next page select Manage this todo listInvite members
  3. Select Add a member to this todo list on the right-hand side of the box detailing the projectInvite members
  4. The next page allows you to manage who’s working on your project. To invite people select Invite people on the right-hand sideInvite members
  5. Now you can invite people. Just fill in their email, select which project you want them to work and select Invite

And there you go. Now you can invite as many people as you need to make sure the work gets done.

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