How to set a project deadline

Setting a project deadline in Easynote

Note: This feature is available in Business and Extended versions of Easynote. 

There a two ways to set a project deadline in Easynote. The first one is when you are creating new project or you can update an existing project with a deadline.

Setting a deadline when creating new project

In order to set a deadline when creating new project simply click on to create new project.

Then click on the button Set Deadline

Simply select a deadline date for the project you are creating.

Setting a deadline for existing project or update a deadline date.

In order to update your current project with a new deadline simply click on Manage Project.
Note! You need to be a project owner in order to be able to do this.

set a deadline of a project

And then select the deadline date of the project.

Save the settings and you are done!
Good luck.

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