Notifications on Easynote

Using Notifications in Easynote

You’ve got multiple tasks to do. You’re on top of them but you’re wary that you may have forgotten one or two. It’s okay, it’s easy to forget things when you’re busy. That’s why with Easynote you have the option to use notifications, so you’ll always know when a new or existing task has been assigned to you.

How do I use Notifications in Easynote?

Don’t worry, like everything on Easynote, using notifications is easy. Just do the following:

Start by adding Notifications app to your project (Available for business and extended users)

Click on Apps in the overview






Add Notification app to your project





Now you have added notifications to your project. Great.
Now to receive notifications about a task, simply go to a task and you will see an bell icon in the right corner.

click on the bell icon and you have now subscribed to that task.  You will now receive notifications on any updates within that task.

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