What is the Activity Feed?

Activity Feeds in Easynote

It’s easy to lose track, especially when you’re busy with a task. At Easynote, we understand how important is to see what you’re doing and when, particularly with big projects and tasks. That’s why we created an Activity Feed, which offers you a simple but concise graphic representation of your task activity.

Where Can I Find Activity Feeds in Easynote?

When you create a task, you will have an overview page, detailing all the different elements of the task.Activity Feed

Within the overview page, you’ll find a black task bar at the top page. Select the Activity¬†option to see your activity feed for the task.Activity Feed 2

Now you can see all the activity that’s happened, starting with the most recent. With the Activity Feed you can see who did what and when. You can also select the elements within the feed by selecting the titles.

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