What is a checklist

What is a checklist

You’ve created a new task. You want to add a few milestones or subtasks to break it down into manageable chunks. This feature allows you to do this and satisfyingly tick them off as they get done!

So what is a checklist?

Checklists can be created after you have created a task and can be used to break the task down into manageable subtasks. They are not tasks in themselves and are tied to the task they are created in.


Checklists Easynote

You will find the orange menu in the top right with the checklist shortcut to create it. Find out how to create one here

checklists easynote

Once you have created the checklist you will find an intuitive section appear at the bottom of your task screen where you can create, manage and assign checklist items. As you or a member of your team completes the subtasks in your checklist you can tick them off. A green progress bar shows you easily what your progress stage is at the top


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