How to Create a New Task

Whether you’re planning to bake an apple pie or end world hunger, it’s important to know and see what tasks you need to do. With Easynote it’s easy to create new tasks that will help you track and achieve your goals.

How to create a new task with Easynote

With Easynote’s intuitive user interface, creating a new task couldn’t be easier. By performing the following actions you’ll be steps closer to making your dreams a reality.

1.Select Create new task

Create New Task on Easynote

2. A ‘Create new task’ form will appear with two tabs, Create New Task and More Options. Create New Task contains;

View of Create new task on Easynote

  • Task: The name of the task which you wish to undertake
  • Description: A detailed account of what’s required for the task

While More Options contains;

More options when creating new task on Easynote

  • Category: What category does the task fall under
  • Responsible: Who’s duty it is to fulfill the task
  • Urgency: How important it is to complete the task quickly
  • Set Deadline: Does this task require a deadline or not

3. Populate the form accordingly. Once you’re ready select Create.

4. Once you’ve created your new task it will appear on your main page. As you can see, you can set the Status of the task to either:

  • ‘Not Started’,
  • ‘Ongoing’
  • ‘Completed’.

You can also reassign it to someone else by selecting the Responsible drop down me.

And that’s it. It couldn’t be easier.
So what are you waiting for, start creating new tasks with Easynote today!

Would you like to know more how to work with tasks on Easynote? Find out more here! 

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