How to Create a Subtask

Creating Subtasks

Within projects are tasks, and within tasks are subtasks. By creating subtasks in Easynote we can further divide a project and its tasks. This makes it easier to create, manage and complete projects on time.

How do I Create a Subtask?

Creating a subtask is easy. However, subtasks are contained within Checklists. So before you can create a subtask you need to know how to create a checklist first.  When you know how, then follow these simple steps:


Create a subtask 1

  1. On your task page, you’ll see your checklist. In the case above, it’s named ‘Contact employee’. Just below it is the Add new subtask button, which you need to selectCreate a subtask 2
  2. Now you have the option of naming the subtask. You can also assign to another person on the project. Once you’ve done both, select SaveCreate a subtask 3
  3. As you can see above, a new subtask has been created. You can also easily create more subtasks, and edit existing ones by selecting the edit button on the right-hand side.

So now you’ve further broken down your project and your tasks, making them easier to manage and complete. By creating subtasks in Easynote we’re sure you’ll find that you can better prioritise your tasks, and get things done better.

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