How to Manage a Subtask

Managing Subtasks

If you want to complete a task well, break it down into smaller tasks. At Easynote, we know how important is to make projects and tasks more manageable. That’s why we created such features as checklists and subtasks.

How do I Manage Subtasks?

Before you can manage a subtask, you first need to know how to create a checklist and a subtask. Once you’ve created a subtask, all you need to do to manage subtasks is the following;Manage Subtasks

1. As you can see above, two subtasks have been created. In order to manage them, select one or both of them by highlighting the boxes beside the subtasks name. In the case above, it’s ‘check spelling’ and ‘check for grammar’Manage Subtasks 2

2. Once you’ve highlighted the subtask, select the edit button (the pencil and pad) on the right-hand side

3. You can now either edit the name of or delete the subtask altogether

And that’s it. They may be small but subtasks are perfect when you want to break tasks down, and make life a bit more manageable.

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