What Happens When I Complete a Task?

Completing Tasks

At Easynote, we know there’s no better feeling than when you complete tasks. It could be that you ran five kilometres for charity, or hit all your quarterly targets. Whatever the task, it’s great to know that you’ve accomplished it, and can now move on to the next.

What Happens When I Complete a Task in Easynote?

So you’ve completed your task and are, at the very least, one step closer to finishing your project. Now, what do you do on Easynote? It’s simple really. Just follow these steps;

Completing tasks 1

  1. Select the completed task in the ‘Overview’ page, then go to the Manage dropdown menu on the right-hand side of the page.

Complete Task 2

2. Select the Edit Task option

Complete Tasks

3. A new window appears, detailing the task. Select the Status box on the bottom left and switch the task to ‘Completed’. Once you’ve done that, select Update on the bottom right

Complete tasks 4

4. Success! You’ve completed your task and what’s more, you’re rewarded with a congratulatory banner

Complete tasks 5

5. Finally, we here at Easynote know how important is for you keep track of your accomplishments. That’s why when you go to your ‘Activity’ page you’ll see all those really important tasks you’ve completed.

And so there you have it. It couldn’t be easier. To learn more about how to create and edit tasks visit the following pages- creating tasks, editing tasks.

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