So, the lovely widgets. They are absolutely one of the most powerful things in Easynote and in the Easyview.

So what are they?

So imagine Excel. You have different columns and those columns can do many different things, depending what formulas and what else you put in there.
They can manage statuses, budgets, checkboxes, timelines, people.. right?
They can be anything.

Well, we have created many different predefined widgets which will do different things depending on your needs.

This is where the power and magic of widgets and Easyview comes in.
Simply add those widgets which you need, for each individual projects.
This allows you to adapt Easynote to each individual project, thanks to our widgets.

How to add gadgets to Easynote

Image showing how to add different widgets inside Easynote

What widgets are inside Easynote?

We have created many different widgets, so you are able to manage any type of the project.

You can add unlimited number of widgets to each project, and you can rename them to anything to you would like to.

The widgets we have today in Easynote are.

  1. Text
    Write any text inside the text widget

  2. Status
    It gives you option to have statuses and set custom statuses

  3. Urgency
    Set the urgency of your work

  4. People
    Add responsible people to you tasks

  5. Progress
    Keep track of progress of your work

  6. Phone
    Add a phone, and make a phonecall from the browser

  7. Website
    Insert someones website, click on it and open in new tab

  8. Money
    Manage your costs, forecasts and change currency

  9. Numbers
    Work with numbers and get total, avg, min, max numbers

  10. Timeline
    Set a start / end date of your work

  11. Time Est
    Keep track of how much time things will take or have taken

  12. Checkbox
    Simple way to mark something

  13. Deadline
    Set a deadline on your work

  14. Rating
    Rate something or someone

  15. Task ID
    See each unique ID of each task inserted

  16. Address
    Enter a adress, and see live preview of it with Google Maps

  17. Email
    Insert an email, click on it, and it will open in you Email Client

    Manage multiple comments and tag people

  19. Date
    Simple way to keep track of any date

  20. Files
    Manage files directly inside the widget.

These widgets will allow you manage any type of things and simply allow you to scale Easynote from simple todolist to large enterprise project.